13 Temmuz 2010 Salı

anti spam lotus notes

top receiving annoying spam. Messages offering credit cards, pornography, viagra, low mortgage rates, along with thousands more that you hate to receive.

Subscription Based. We list the known "spam" and, by using our software and the associated spam identification service (SpamNet), you take advantage of that list to automatically delete known spam as soon as it hits your Inbox!

Don't Bother typing in every name of every spammer's domain, or writing them nasty letters. Our service tracks literally millions of spam messages. If it finds one that matches a message that you have received, it puts it into a "Spam" folder.
"How do i like it???? Oh my god it's a god send! My mailbox has been in use since '97 long before the days of the really nasty spammers and well before anyone knew it was best to keep your email address to yourself.

As a result my email has been around the block and then some, seems like spammer has it. I left for my honeymoon two weeks ago, in one weeks time I had nearly a 1000 emails 95% of which were spam of course. I get so tired of weeding through them to find my real mail.

Your product is working flawlessly the idea is brilliant and I just can't say enough about it. You've totally changed my mornings!!! Now i just run SpanSentinel and get to reading my actual emails instead of taking 5 to 10 mins every morning to sift through the spam, spelled C-R-A-P.

So I will be recommending this install to everyone at my company and we may even just get the server version. Keep up the outstanding work!!!